Access Control & Intercom Systems

Access control systems allow for the electronic control of doors and gates, thereby effectively limiting access based on user credentials in addition to controlling the coming and going of visitors.

For home owners, it can provide a more convenient and safer means of entry to, and egress from, the home than standard key entry; for business owners, it allows them to control the movement of staff and guests through company premises, or to barricade from, or contain, security threats.

Typical access credentials come in the form of PIN codes, radio keyfobs, proximity tokens, encrypted smart cards, biometric markers, and even smartphone apps.


Intercoms are an integral part of many access control systems, and home owners are now making them a part of their electronic security too.

They allow guests to call occupants from the door station, making their presence known without the occupant needing to be near the door to answer. Some intercoms use IP communications, allowing the recipient to use their smartphone to answer calls initiated at the door station, so they can respond to visitors even when they are not home.

Video and audio of each call is recorded, so there is always a record of who has rung the doorbell.