Bosch Solution 3000 & 2000 Alarm System Control Panels

Solution 3000 PanelThe Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system control panel is the latest edition to the Solution Series intrusion control panel (ICP) range, released mid 2014, alongside its smaller sibling, the Solution 2000; they are the modernised replacements for the Australian-designed Solution 880 Ultima (ICP-CC488P) and Solution 844 (ICP-CC404P) alarm panels, which are getting on close to 20 years of age now.

The Solution 2000 & 3000 panels provide intrusion and fire detection alarm system functionality suited to most homes and even small businesses, with some provision for controlling electrically-operated doors and gates.

They are based on a robust and proven foundation established by their predecessors’ long history, and they thus contain the features, capability and reliability to serve customer needs in just about any residential and small business situation, and at one of the lowest price points on the market.

What’s the difference between the Solution 2000 & Solution 3000?

There’s very little difference between the two as they are essentially the same panel, but the main differences are:

  1. The Solution 2000 has 8 on-board zones, whilst the Solution 3000 has 16 on-board zones;
  2. The Solution 2000’s zones must be hardwired, whilst the Solution 3000 can host its zones wirelessly too.

Due to their similarities, they are typically priced within $20-50 of one another, so there isn’t much to be saved by opting for the smaller model, Solution 2000; it comes down to whether the 8 additional zones and the availability of the Radion wireless range of gear for the Solution 3000 is worth the bit extra in cost to you.

Main Features of Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarm Panels

The Solution 3000 contains a surprising array of programmable features that you might not expect from a typical alarm system, including multiple arming modes that allow you to have presets that automatically bypass zones, allowing you to remain protected whilst at home; multiple entry timers that allow different times to enter the premises and disarm, depending on the mode of arming or entry point used; ‘non-siren’ alarm modes (e.g., entry chime, silent alarm) that allow you to monitor zones via reports and keypad beeps without a full-blown wailing alarm; programmable outputs that allow you to operate electric locks, gates and your garage door via the alarm system and its controllers; and much more…

Feature Points

  • 8/16 on-board zones (Solution 2000/3000)
  • 32 user codes
  • Three entry timers for multiple arming modes & entry points
  • Programmable entry & exit times (0 – 255 seconds)
  • Two ‘Stay’ (night arm) modes for perimeter & ‘at home’ arming
  • Day alarm, entry chime, silent alarm and ‘non-siren’ arming modes
  • Programmable outputs for sirens, strobe, smoke detectors & garage door operation
  • On-board dialler for domestic dialling & remote monitoring
  • Compatible with Ethernet Module (B426) for IP communications
  • Compatible with 3G GPRS Module (B443 + B450) for cellular/mobile IP communications
  • Compatible with Output Module (B308) for output expansion
  • Compatible with Radion Wireless Range for wireless expansion (Solution 3000)
  • Extensive trouble condition index
  • 256 event memory
  • Detector walk test mode
  • Siren & output test commands
  • Automatic arming
  • Partitionable into two separate areas
  • Supports multiple keypads & interfaces

Interfaces for Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarms

Each panel can support up to four interfaces simultaneously, with a choice of button keypads and touchscreens:

  • Icon Keypad
  • Alphanumeric Text Keypad
  • 4.3″ Touchscreen
  • TouchOne (5″ Mini & 7″ Touchscreens)
  • Micron Touch Classic (4″ Touchscreen)

Bosch Alarm Keypads for Solution 2000/3000

The Icon Keypad is the basic button keypad that is familiar to the Solution 8XX (ICP-CCXXX) Series alarm systems. It features an LCD icon display that is very clean and simple, making user interaction quick and easy. Its design is compact and unobtrusive, with well-spaced responsive buttons and electric blue backlighting. This is an excellent keypad.

The Alphanumeric Text Keypad is a step up from the Icon, featuring an English text display; it provides greater, more intuitive detail of the system’s status and events. Its design has a more solid, robust feel to it, with large glossy buttons, and pale blue backlighting. This is also an excellent keypad.

The 4.3″ Touchscreen is Bosch’s basic, compact touchscreen for the Solution 2000 & 3000; it is essentially the touchscreen version of the Alphanumeric Text Keypad. Its screen is small and under-utilised, in addition to a small delay in touch response, making user operation difficult and unfriendly. Further, these touchscreens have suffered a high failure rate. We do not recommend.

The TouchOne is Bosch’s premium touchscreen, originally released as a 7″ model, it will soon be available in a 5″ mini version. Pleasant to look at with nice, customisable features, such as the option to have the display mounted in portrait or landscape fashion, user profile pictures, and a photo slideshow, make this an attractive option. However, this too has suffered a high failure rate with an array of problems over it’s three-year history, and so we don’t recommend this one either.

The Micron Touch Classic is a 4″ touchscreen designed and manufactured here in Australia by local Bosch Security Systems distributor, Micron Security Products. It features a nice, crisp, responsive user touch interface that is operationally better than its Bosch counterparts; it’s also more aesthetically discreet, and contains more useful features that are relevant to the security system, as opposed to the bare bones of the Bosch 4.3″ and the frivolous decor of the Bosch 7″ (TouchOne). Although touchscreens for security systems do not have the proven reliability that button keypads have, if you prefer a touchscreen, we recommend this one.

User Radio Keyfobs (Remote Controls) for Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarms

Both Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 alarm panels can be operated remotely by user radio keyfobs to arm and disarm the system, arm ‘Stay’ mode, trigger a panic alarm, and even operate the garage door and/or front gate, if setup for it by your alarm system installer.

Both Solution 2000 & 3000 can be remotely controlled by basic four-button HCT-4 keyfobs with a WE800EV2 radio receiver fitted; further, the Solution 3000 is also compatible with Radion Wireless compatible gear, including Radion Deluxe keyfobs (e.g., RFKF-FB) and premium HCT-UL keyfobs, provided a Radion B810 radio receiver is fitted.

Communications & Alarm Monitoring for Bosch Solution 2000 & 3000 Alarms

Like most residential alarm panels, the Solution 2000 & 3000 panels come standard with an on-board dialler that can connect to a phone service to communicate alarms and system events to a base station receiver at a monitoring centre (contact ID) and/or call your mobile phone (domestic dialling).

Additionally, a new ethernet module (B426) is under development and due for re-release soon, which will add new IP-based functionality, including alarm system remote control via the new Remote Security Control Plus (RSC+) app, in addition to personal push notifications for alarms and system events. Please check back soon…

Conclusion: Bosch Solution 3000 Alarm System Recommendation

If you are deciding on a suitable alarm system for your home, we recommend you give the Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system some serious consideration. It has all the features you would expect of a typical alarm system, and can match any competitor on the market whilst coming in at a lower price point. Further, it is due to see some nice upgrades with regard to enhanced IP communications to suit the new telecoms industry standard, new Z-Wave home automation compatibility, in addition to zone expansion.

So, if you require a good alarm system that is robust and serves the basic needs of a home alarm system, then the Bosch Solution 3000 alarm system has got you covered, with added flexibility thrown in to anticipate more unique user needs.

If you want an alarm system that is more impressive, with greater tech capability, including modern smartphone functionality, unfortunately, the Solution 3000 is not quite there yet, but hopes to be soon; you may want to consider the Solution 6000 in this case.

Questions & Answers

Solution 2000? : An 8-zone panel, which typically comes in a kit with two price-discounted motion detectors, so is suited to smaller installations, such as small single-storey homes, granny flats and sheds where only a couple of motion detectors are needed.

Solution 3000? : The 16 zone version with wireless capabilities; typically comes in a kit with three price-discounted motion detectors, and is suited to larger installations, such as typical single and double-storey homes, and small-medium business workplaces, such as shops and small offices with minimal workspace segregation.


Icon Keypad


Alphanumeric Text Keypad


Bosch 4.3 inch Touchscreen

TouchOne 5″ Mini & 7″ TOUCHSCREENS

Bosch TouchOne 7 inch Touchscreen


Micron Touch Classic