MyAlarm & iFob Control

iFob ControlMyAlarm is a cloud-based (P2P) service provided by DIGIFLEX, the original designer and manufacturer of the Solution Series, and still currently the Solution 6000 range.

It is available to all customers who have a Solution 6000 panel with version 2.23 firmware or higher; older firmware panels, including some Solution 144 panels, can be upgraded by your service technician with the correct firmware.

MyAlarm utilises the customer’s data connection (internet) to connect the Solution 6000 control panel to the server and communicate over IP, making this service suitable for both old ADSL and new NBN connected premises.

iFob Control Compatibility

In order to establish an IP connection, the Solution 6000 must be connected via one of the following:

  • Wi-Fi Graphic Keypad (CP741B)
  • Ethernet Module (CM751B)
  • 3G GSM Module (CM744B)

iFob Control Benefits

Customers who have their Solution 6000 panel registered with a MyAlarm account can receive the following benefits:

  • Up to 10 users can use the iFob Control app to remotely control the alarm system from anywhere (iOS & Android).
  • Up to 10 users can receive app push notifications, SMS text, or email messages of alarms and system events.
  • System history can be viewed from the app or online inside the customer’s account.
  • Zone status can be viewed from the app in real time to see which zones are active.
  • Outputs can be triggered from the app to open/close garage doors, electric locks, gates, etc.
  • Area Arm & Part Modes can be armed/disarmed from the app.
  • Panic alarms can be triggered from the app.
  • Server automatically maintains the system clock.
  • Reduce service fees with remote installer fault-checking and programming.
  • Reduce communications costs through flat-rate IP monitoring.

iFob Control App

iFob Control Push Notifications

Push notifications come through based on the notification settings of the phone, which is typically in the form of a tweeted message with a banner or alert detailing the event, with vibration (e.g., Alarm Zone 2, AC Fail, Low Battery, User Arm/Disarm, etc.). When the app is not in use, alarm notifications are tweeted repeatedly until acknowledged, which allows the user opportunity to be notified of an emergency that might otherwise be missed as an instant message.

Low Cost

MyAlarm comes at a cost that can be paid monthly or yearly, and is very competitive with the costs you would otherwise pay for traditional phone and mobile-based monitoring services. Because it can use your existing data over Wi-Fi or ethernet connection, there’s no risk of exorbitant monthly SMS or telephone bills with greater usage.

Prices vary between suppliers, but our Solution 6000 customers receive 12 months free with every install, with annual repeat billing charged at $99/year, which works out to be $8.25/month.


Australian designed, manufactured, and hosted locally; a lot of effort has been put into this app, and a lot of work goes in behind the scenes to keep it running smoothly to create, honestly, the best dedicated security app on the market, designed to fully compliment the best alarm system panel of its class! So, if you want the best, this is it.