Ness 3G GSM Dialler (Fixed Wireless Terminal) 106-249

Ness 3G GSM DiallerThe Ness 3G GSM dialler module is a universal wireless terminal that can be used with most alarm systems to dial out to the customer’s mobile phone, or to a monitoring centre, using a mobile phone carrier network, just as it would if connected to a traditional telephone line.

This module provides a convenient alternative for customers whose alarm system has stopped reporting due to their phone service changing to the NBN, or for customers that otherwise want/need a way to wirelessly connect their alarm system for communications.

Ness 3G GSM Dialler Setup

For those with an alarm system already setup and programmed for reporting, the Ness 3G GSM dialler module provides a plug-n’-play solution:

  1. Insert standard size SIM card with call credit/plan into the dialler module;
  2. Mount antenna external to metal alarm enclosure and connect to dialler module;
  3. Connect phone lead from dialler module to alarm control panel;
  4. Connect dialler module power supply and switch on.

For those with an alarm system not yet setup for reporting, additional programming will be required, such as setting the communications format, phone numbers and reporting options, which will require installer mode access.

PLEASE NOTE: If you have an alarm system that sends reports via SMS over a traditional phone line, such as a Solution 16Plus, 64 or 6000, your alarm system will not be able send SMS reports with the Ness 3G GSM dialler module; you will need to have your system’s reporting format changed to a voice format to use this module (or find an alternative way for your alarm system to report).

Ness 3G GSM Dialler Features

  • Universal dialler that connects to RJ12 socket on phones and alarm panels
  • Acts similarly to a mobile phone by utilising the 3G GSM network
  • Antenna can be mounted externally due to 3 metre cable
  • Backup battery provides up to 3 hours of use without mains power
  • Essentially plug-n’-play with no programming of the module needed
  • Ness three-year warranty