Smoke Alarms & Fire Safety

Did you know smoke detectors can be connected to your alarm system? There are compliant 12 volt photoelectric models that can be connected to your alarm panel; they occupy a zone, much like a motion sensor, but they constantly monitor it, even when the system is disarmed.

When smoke or fire is detected by a connected smoke detector, it registers a fire alarm and the sirens emit a unique fire warning tone; monitoring parties will see that a fire alarm has occurred and can take appropriate action.

Security alarm smoke detectors can be interconnected like standard smoke alarms, but since they are also connected to the alarm panel, more effective warning can be given to occupants and neighbours, due to louder sirens, both internally and externally, plus the provision for additional sirens and the potential to trigger devices for the hearing impaired; additionally, the ability for the alarm system to report to monitoring parties, means that you can know the moment a fire is detected in your premises, instead of finding out hours later when you arrive home to a pile of ash.

Opting for smoke detectors on your alarm system also eliminates the need to run 240V electrical circuits for these low-powered devices.