The Solution 6000 Alarm Control Panel

The Solution 6000 is a phenomenal alarm system panel designed and manufactured here in Australia by local DIGIFLEX Security Electronics (re-branded by Bosch Security Systems AU).

SOLUTION 6000In its basic form it can match or exceed the capabilities and reliability of any 8/16 zone home alarm system panel on the market, whilst remaining within the same price range; however, with a vast array of expansion modules at its disposal, the 6000 can easily be adapted to full-blown commercial-grade capabilities that cannot be achieved by your average 8/16 zone system, including expansion up to 144 zones (wired and/or wirelessly); 8 area partitions; 37 outputs for control of electric gates, roller doors, relays, etc.; integrated access control for up to 16 doors; 990 users with PIN code, thumb print, RF keyfob & proximity verification; up to 16 connected keypads & readers with standard text & icon display, proximity, Wi-Fi & biometric models available; communications for reporting and control over a wide array of formats, including SMS, IP & GSM; and much, much more…


  • 16 on-board zones for detectors (expandable up to 144 wired and/or wireless)
  • Partitionable into 8 separate areas
  • 5 on-board outputs for sirens, strobe, smoke detectors & roller door (expandable to 37 outputs)
  • 990 user positions for PIN codes, thumb prints, RF keyfobs & proximity tokens
  • 2,000 event historic index
  • Integrated system LAN using proprietary RS485 encryption
  • Integrated access control for up to 16 doors with LAN readers
  • Supports up to 16 connected keypads & LAN readers
  • Supports Standard Graphic, Proximity, Smart, Biometric, Wi-Fi & Metal Keypads/Readers
  • Supports communications over Conettix IP, CSV-IP, SIA 3+ Text, CID, SMS, GSM, GPRS, Email, Voice & Domestic Dial
  • Compatible with Wi-Fi Keypad (CP741B) for wireless network connectivity
  • Compatible with Ethernet Module (CM751B) for wired network connectivity
  • Compatible with 3G GSM Module (CM744B) for mobile/cellular network connectivity
  • Compatible with RF Receiver (RF3212e) for wireless device & detector expansion
  • Compatible with various LAN expansion modules (zones, outputs, power, access, etc.)
  • Compatible with iFob Control, SMS Control & SMS Reports phone apps


The Solution 6000 offers a diverse range of ways to communicate with the central monitoring station and/or the end user, with options to suit both old PSTN and new NBN connected premises. Some of these include:

  • Monitoring centre receiver formats, including Contact ID
  • Domestic dialling and voice over PSTN
  • SMS text messages over PSTN, GSM & IP
  • Emails over PSTN & IP
  • Push notifications over GSM & IP


Modules allow the system to be expanded and adapted to serve additional purposes, including access control, internet communications, and zone expansion. Some commonly used modules are:

  • Wi-Fi Keypad (CP741B) for network access over Wi-Fi
  • Ethernet Module (CM751B) for network access over ethernet
  • 3G GSM (CM744B) for mobile/cellular network access
  • Zone Expander (CM704B) for 8/16 zone expansion
  • Output Expander (CM710B) for 4 additional relay outputs
  • RF Receiver (RF3212e) for wireless zones & devices

Graphic Keypad (CP700B)Interfaces

The Solution 6000 can host a range of interfaces, including proximity and fingerprint readers, in addition to weather and vandal-resistant metal keypads.

Its de facto interface is the Graphic Keypad, which features a multi-line combination icon and alphanumeric text display against electric blue backlighting, with the option of either a white or black case. Both practical and aesthetically pleasing, this is arguably the best button keypad of its class.

MyAlarm & iFob Control App

iFob ControlAnother outstanding feature of the 6000 is its dedicated cloud service and remote control app. Through the iFob Control app, up to 10 users on the system can control the alarm system from their phone to arm/disarm and trigger outputs, view zone and system status live, check the system history, and receive either push notifications or SMS text messages of alarms and system events.


The foundation that the Solution 6000 is based upon is robust and proven, with many panels from this family surviving in high-demand commercial applications for 15 years or more.

When compared to other panels in the residential market, there really is no comparison with the 6000, apart from it’s competitive price.

So, if you care about features, if you care about functionality, if you care about reliability, if you care about your personal security, then the Solution 6000 is the alarm system you have been looking for.